Best answer: What is ship Security Officer Certificate?

The Ship Security officer (SSO) course teaches you to ensure both the security of the ship as well as the implementation and support of the ship security plan. The SSO in association with the CSO will ensure the safety awareness of the crew on board.

Who is the ship security officer in the ship?

The specific individual onboard the ship who is designated by the Company. The SSO reports to the Master for the overall management and oversight of all shipboard security policies, programs and procedures.

What is the duties of ship security officer?

Typically, they include: Undertaking regular security inspections of the ship; ensure that appropriate measures are taken; Supervising the implementation of the Ship Security Plan; Coordinating the security aspects of passengers and/or the handling of cargo and ship’s stores Enhancing security awareness and vigilance

Who is responsible for setting security levels?

The security levels are decided by the cooperation of ship and port authorities, keeping the current condition of national and international security. The local government sets the security level and ensures to inform port state and ships prior to entering the port, or when berthed in the port.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the port security officer?

Developing, maintaining and supervising the implementation of a Port Facility Security Plan. Understanding the interface between ports and ships. Principles of security including access control, screening measures and security responsibilities of security personnel. Audit verification, security documentation and …

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Who is the security officer on board?

A ship security officer (SSO) is an important entity under the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) code. The SSO is a person appointed by the company and the ship’s master for ensuring the security of the ship.

Which security level requires the highest security alert?

Security level 2: heightened, the level applying for as long as there is a heightened risk of a security incident. Security level 2 means the level for which appropriate additional protective security measures shall be maintained for a period of time as a result of heightened risk of a security incident.