Can Death Guard use daemons?

Subject: Re:Death Guard & Daemon army…can you mix them? 4.5. Yes. this still works as the stratagems effect Daemons, since you have the Daemons in either keywords then you can use the stratagem.

Can you mix Death Guard and nurgle daemons?

Technically, you can have Nurgle Daemons and Death Guard in the same detachment, but you will lose all army rules for both armies if you do. No inexorable advance, no plague companies, no stratagems, no relics and warlord traits, no exalted Daemons. As such, mixing in a single detachment is not recommended.

Can Death Guard still summon?

There’s no summoning in the DG codex. The Daemon Codex has summoning rules that can be used still but adding a non-death guard unit to the army probably disables the -1 Toughness contagion.

Can you use Obliterators in Death Guard?

You cannot choose for a Hellforged Rapier Battery, a Chaos Hellwright or a Chaos Hellwright on Dark Abeyant to be from the Death Guard. The being said, you can give Obliterators and Havocs the Nurgle mark, it just needs to be from a different legion.

Are nurgle daemons good?

While they have a trio of traits that are excellent in 9th Edition–durable, ObSec, and forward deploying–they have an increasing amount of bad matchups too. You still absolutely have to invest in at least several units of Nurglings if you’re leaning hard into Nurgle Daemons.

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How many points is a great unclean one 40k?

Great Unclean One 1000 points.

Is Death Guard Contagion an aura?

They are not Auras

Before anyone gets any ideas though, they also don’t stack: The effects of multiple identically named Contagion abilities is not cumulative (i.e. if an enemy unit is within Range of two models with the same Contagion ability, that Contagion ability only applies to the enemy unit once).

Is putrefying stink an aura?

The Foul Blightspawn has a fight last ability – Putrefying stink (1 enemy unit within 3 fights last). He can also take a relic – Revolting stench vats (aura – enemy units within 6 never count as charging and never gain charge bonuses).

Can you mix Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons?

The big FAQ makes mixing daemons and marines in the same detachments illegal in matched play unless they have another faction keyword in common other than chaos (usually a god one) so it doesn’t really matter.