Can you dilute 303 protectant?

Registered. Since it is super-concentrated, 303 Aerospace Cleaner is typically used at dilutions of 10-1 to 200-1 & greater, depending on the task at hand – see the product label for more information. Yet this new-technology product is perfectly safe to use full strength as a hand cleaner (safe, but wasteful).

Is 303 Protectant the same as Armor All?

303 is definitely NOT ArmorAll. 303 is milky white, water based, and has UV-protectant qualities.

Are 303 protectants worth it?

303 Aerospace Protectant is a great product in every sense of the word and one that I don’t see myself replacing with anything for many years to come. It passes with flying colors all the tests detailers like myself look for in such products… ease of use, quality/performance and durability.

Does 303 Protectant clean?

WHAT IS 303® AUTOMOTIVE PROTECTANT? Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303® Protectant provides superior protection against harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration, fading, and cracking of vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. 303 Protectant also helps repel dust, dirt, lint and staining.

Will 303 Protectant damage paint?

303 Protectant is water based, so it will not harm the finish. Some people actually use it on their vehicle’s clear coat finishes, however, we do not recommend it for this application. … 303 Protectant is water based, so it will not harm the finish.

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How long does it take 303 protectant to dry?

On fabrics the final application should dry and cure for 8 to 12 hours. When used on carpeting, a 12 to 24 hour drying period is best. Avoid getting over-spray on wood finishes, vinyl, plastics and metals. Any over-spray should be wiped up immediately with a dry absorbent cloth.

Does 303 Protectant attract dust?

Unlike other “protectant” products, 303 does not contain silicone oils, waxes, glycerin or petroleum distillates. 303 leaves a like-new, non-oily, anti-static finish that does not attract dust.

Is 303 better than meguiars?

It is more costly, a bit more involving to apply and leaves a matte finish (does not shine). Meguiars works best when all you need is shine on specific surfaces. If you are interested in UV protection too, then 303 Automotive protectant is your choice.

Why Armor All is bad?

They can accelerate the drying and cracking of plastics and rubber inside and outside of your car. Also try to avoid anything that leaves a sticky and greasy film that attracts dust and dirt causing the surfaces you’ve applied it to get dirty more quickly.

Does Armor All crack your dash?

Armor All® Protectant products are safe to use on your car’s dashboard, and will not cause cracking. … Whether you prefer sprays, wipes or gel, our Protectants can help keep your dashboard looking like new.

Does Canadian Tire sell 303 Aerospace Protectant?

Canadian Tire now has 303 Aerospace protectant.

Does 3m make 303 Aerospace Protectant?

303 AeroSpace Protectant Description

Take full advantage of summer days on the water with the help of the UV protection of 303 Aerospace protectant.

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Is 303 Protectant good for leather?

Safe for any finished leather or vinyl surface such as finished leather seats, furniture upholstery, saddlery, footwear, coats, furniture, handbags, purses & briefcases, sports equipment and luggage. … 303 Leather and Vinyl Cleaner is an easy to use spray on formula that comes in a 16 fl.