Does protection stop a board wipe?

Does Protection Work Against Board Wipes? This can be a little more complicated, but let’s go back to the DEBT acronym. Protection stops damage, enchanting/equipping, blocking, and targeting. It doesn’t do anything against any other kinds of effects.

Does protection Stop destroy?

4 Answers. Yes, Day of Judgement will destroy a creature with Protection from White.

Do board wipes kill Progenitus?

Does that include protection from board wipe spells? (Could you interpret it as having protection from wrath of god, or something?) Nope. Protection from everything means the following: All damage that would be dealt to Progenitus is prevented.

Does protection from white stop wrath of God?

5 Answers. Yes, Wrath of God will kill all creatures with shroud. It will also kill all creatures that have protection from white. It won’t kill creatures that are indestructible.

Does protection from a color prevent destroy?

Protection only works against DEBT: Damage, Equip, Blocking, Targetting. Global destroy effects do none of these.

Do board wipes kill Hexproof?

Does hexproof protect from board-wiping cards like terminus? No, it does not. Hexproof prevents a creature from being targeted by spells or abilities that your opponents control.

Can you get rid of Progenitus?

So far there has been just one card printed with the “Protection from Everything’ ability, Progenitus from Conflux. … But Progenitus can still be destroyed by spells that do not deal damage or target, like Day of Judgment.

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Do board wipes destroy indestructible creatures?

Most board wipes “destroy” creatures, so one way to protect your creatures (and permanents) is to buff them with the “indestructible”keyword.

Does First Strike negate Deathtouch?

Deathtouch only “works” when the deathtouch creature deals at least one point of damage, so if the first strike creature deals enough damage to kill the deathtoucher, then it dies before dealing any damage. So in that sense, yes, it negates it.

Can you regenerate after wrath of God?

As long as that Wrath-type effect doesn’t disallow regeneration, yes, regenerating Thrun in response will keep him alive.