Frequent question: How can I block my security bank card?

FOR LOST ATM CARD, click here to report lost or stolen ATM card or immediately call our Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8-887-9188 to have your card blocked.

How can I block my security bank ATM card?

Lock/Unlock ATM Card

  1. After log-in go to Accounts > Manage ATM Card.
  2. Choose the Account Number of the desired account and click Lock ATM Card/ Unlock ATM Card.
  3. Tick the checkbox of the selected account then click Submit.
  4. Details of the account will be displayed then click Confirm.

Can I temporarily block my debit card?

Yes, you can block or deactivate your ATM card temporarily.

How do I report a lost bank security card?

Lost/Stolen Debit and Credit Cards

  1. To report a lost or stolen debit card please call 1-800-264-5578. …
  2. Security Bank offers Mastercard credit cards with 24-hour security online access to your credit card account information at

How do I lock my security bank account online?

What should I do if my User ID is locked? Please call the Security Bank Online Help Desk at +63(2)8887-9188 or email us at You will be asked some verification questions before your User ID will be unlocked.

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What should I do if my ATM card is blocked by wrong PIN?

If due to negligence, carelessness or security reasons, the ATM card gets blocked, the best option is to visit the nearest bank branch and give a written application to the bank personnel.

What happens if you block your card?

Some banks or credit unions use blocking — putting a hold on a portion of your available credit on your credit card. That means you have less to use until the block clears. If they block your debit card, your account balance may get low, you may bounce a check, or a recurring payment you authorized may be declined.

How can I unblock my credit card permanently?

You can unblock your card online by logging in to your net banking account as well for the banks who offer the option of doing so. You can click on the section of ‘cards’ and select your credit card and choose to unblock it.

What happens when you turn off your debit card?

Any digital card numbers linked to the card will also be turned off. For debit cards, turning off your card will not stop transactions using other cards linked to your deposit account. For credit cards, turning off your card will turn off all cards associated with your credit card account.

Can I unlock my bank account online?

To restore access to your account, you can select the “Unlock My Account” button on online banking or go through the “Forgot Password?” process on either online banking or our mobile banking app. * When you select “Unlock My Account,” the system will route you to the same “Forgot Password?” process as described below.

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Can I still use my card if my online banking is locked?

If your Online Banking card is locked, you’ll need to request a new Online Banking card and PIN to use with your card reader.

What is Security Bank everyday card?

Everyday MasterCard is an international Debit and ATM MasterCard that you may use for ATM withdrawals, point of sale and online purchases both locally and abroad.