How do I stop Windows Defender using so much RAM?

For most people, the high memory usage caused by Antimalware Service Executable typically happens when Windows Defender is running a full scan. We can remedy this by scheduling the scans to take place at a time when you’re less likely to feel the drain on your CPU.

Why is my antivirus taking so much RAM?

One of the reasons some antivirus solutions take up so much space is that they’re actively scanning for threats. They’re looking at each file you download (and each file you access, in some cases) and poring over it to see if it has any known viral signatures.

How do I make antimalware service executable use less RAM?

Antimalware Service Executable High RAM & CPU Usage

  1. Disable Real Time Protection. …
  2. Disable Scheduled Tasks. …
  3. Install Another Antivirus Program. …
  4. Permanently Disable Windows Defender in Windows 10.

How much RAM does Microsoft Defender use?

I discovered that Windows Defender (msmpeng.exe) is using huge amounts of ram. Task Manager showed > 3GB in use, and the commit size a whopping 19GB.

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How do I fix windows using so much RAM?

How to Fix Windows 10 High Memory Usage

  1. Close unnecessary programs.
  2. Disable startup programs.
  3. Disable Superfetch service.
  4. Increase virtual memory.
  5. Set Registry Hack.
  6. Defragment hard drives.
  7. Methods suitable for software problems.
  8. Virus or antivirus.

Does antivirus use a lot of RAM?

The challenge with RAM usage doesn’t only affect Emsisoft, it’s an industry-wide issue. All signature-based antivirus or anti-malware scanners naturally require a significant amount of RAM to protect your computer effectively.

Does AVG use a lot of RAM?

This new AVG (20.7. 3140) eats RAM by the second. Within about 6 minutes it was eating up 18 GB of RAM.

Is it OK to disable antimalware service executable?

As long as the antimalware service executable process isn’t running hard all the time, it’s okay to leave it enabled. … It’s completely okay to disable the process and even Microsoft Defender. While it’s built in, you’re not required to use it. Before you do this, though, install an alternative antivirus tool.

How do I disable antimalware service executable 2020?

4. Disable Microsoft Defender

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open the Settings app.
  2. From the menu on the left select Windows Security.
  3. Now in the right pane click on Open Windows Security.
  4. A new window will now appear. Select Virus & threat protection.
  5. Choose Virus & threat protection settings.
  6. Disable Real-time protection.

How do I stop antimalware service executable from using so much CPU?

How to Fix Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage on Windows 10

  1. Optimize Windows Defender Scheduling Options. …
  2. Add Windows Defender to its Own Exclusion List. …
  3. Repair Corrupt Windows Defender Files Using SFC. …
  4. Disable Windows Defender. …
  5. Use a Clean Boot to Check Whether a Third-Party App May be Responsible.
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How do I stop a defender scan?

Turning Off Windows Defender in Windows 10

  1. Open Start Menu.
  2. Open Settings (a gear-shaped Settings icon)
  3. Click “Update & Security”
  4. Click “Windows Security”
  5. Click “Virus & threat protection”
  6. Click “Virus & threat protection settings”
  7. Disable Windows Defender’s real-time scanning. …
  8. Restart Nicepage.

How do I set up Windows Defender to automatically scan?

To program automatic scans, open Windows Defender, click “Tools” and “Options.” Under “Automatic Scanning,” check the box next to “Automatically Scan My Computer (Recommended)” and select the frequency, time of day and type of scan you want Windows Defender to run automatically.

Why does Windows Manager use so much memory?

Desktop Window Manager consumes high CPU or memory. The file which represents the Desktop Window Manager is dwn.exe. … If a large number of windows and animated processes are open, it will use high memory, and thus consequently slow down the system or cause freezes.