How do I UniFi Protect locally?

You can access UniFi Protect anywhere by going to and signing in with your Ubiquiti SSO account. If you’d like to connect to Protect directly without going through Make sure your computer and UniFi OS Console are on the same network. Type your UniFi OS Console’s IP address into a web browser.

Will UniFi Protect work without Internet?

Unifi Protect does NOT record without internet access and corrupts older video.

Is UniFi Protect going away?

Phasing out UniFi-Video products

Starting January, 1st 2021 (01/01/2021) all available UniFi-Video resources will focus on UniFi Protect to accelerate its development in terms of features, scalability, security, and continuous efforts to create the best user experience for our video-related products.

How do I add a device to UniFi Protect?

Open the UniFi Protect app and tap Add when the device pop-up appears. If this prompt doesn’t appear, tap on the ellipse icon in the upper-right corner of the Cameras page and select Add Elements. Note: If no devices are discovered, a help wizard will launch and walk you through troubleshooting steps for the device.

How much storage do I need for UniFi Protect?

Minimum and maximum storage capacity requirements

The minimum storage requirement for a single HDD is 1 TB. Ubiquiti has tested and verified HDDs containing up to 16 TB of storage.

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What ports does Unifi Protect use?

Local Ingress Ports

Protocol Port number Usage
TCP 8080 Port used for device and application communication.
TCP 8443 Port used for application GUI/API as seen in a web browser.
TCP 8880 Port used for HTTP portal redirection.
TCP 8843 Port used for HTTPS portal redirection.

Is UniFi Protect worth it?

Unifi Protect does a great job of finding the perfect balance between flexibility and ease-of-use. You can choose between a wide variety of cameras, which you can all install with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and get it up and running in a couple of minutes.

Does UniFi Protect support Onvif?

UniFi Protect does not support ONVIF, meaning that only Ubiquiti UniFi Cameras are supported.

How do I access UniFi NVR remotely?

Remote VPN access

You can also access your UniFi Video installation by configuring a VPN that directly connects to their setup from the Internet. This requires configuring the VPN through your gateway, as well as setting up the VPN client on the device from which you would like to access the UniFi Video application.

How do I find UniFi cameras?

View live camera streams

To view a specific live stream using the Protect web application, click the Devices tab and select the Live Feed of the desired camera. To view a live stream in the UniFi Protect mobile app, tap on the desired camera feed on the home screen.