How do I use Google device protection?

How does Google device protection work?

Device Protection is basically an enhancement of the secure lock screen. If you enable that feature and have a Google account on your phone, that account is needed to access the device after a factory reset. This step will occur after selecting a Wi-Fi network in the first-run setup.

How do I unlock Google device protection?

Unlock Google Device Protection

  1. Depending on the version of Android on your device, you may be prompted to enter your previous screen lock PIN or password to unlock your device.
  2. If you have forgotten your password, you’ll be able to create a new password through the Google website.

What is device protection?

Device protection is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a new device, and it can provide peace of mind in the event your device is lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning.

What is device protection Google?

Android Device Protection allows you to remotely locate, lock or erase your smartphone / tablet if it’s lost or stolen. Notes: If you have a Google™ (Gmail™) account on your smartphone / tablet, device protection is automatically turned on. … To turn off device protection, remove all Google accounts from the device.

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How do I activate device protection?

Device protection will be activated as soon as you sign in to a Google account on your Xperia device.

Android 6.0 or higher

  1. Find and tap Settings → Lock screen & security → Screen lock.
  2. If requested, confirm your current screen lock.
  3. Choose Pattern, PIN, or Password and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I bypass Google phone verification?

How To Skip Phone Verification on Google

  1. Go to Gmail.
  2. Click on Create an Account.
  3. Enter your full name and Gmail username.
  4. Create a strong password.
  5. Tap on Next.
  6. Leave the phone number field empty.
  7. Enter the recovery email address (optional)
  8. Finish setting up your account.

Does factory reset remove your Google account?

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a useful security feature of an Android device. … Now, your account is removed from your Android phone.

How do I unlock my phone without a Google account?

To unlock your Android device without using a Google account, you will need to perform a hard reset. Keep in mind that the hard reset process erases all the data on your Android device.

How do I remove device protection?

How do I disable Android Device Protection from my device?

  1. Open the Settings menu on your phone.
  2. Find the Accounts option.
  3. Under Accounts, select Google.
  4. You will now see a list of Google emails that are linked to your device. …
  5. You will now see Sync Settings for the selected account. …
  6. Now select Remove Account.

How do I cancel Brightstar device protection?

How do I cancel coverage? Call our Customer Care team at 844-225-6333 for assistance from one of our Representatives. They will help you change or cancel coverage.

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What is the primary function of protection devices?

Protective devices are used to maintain the primary function by means such as bringing in standby equipment when the main equipment fails or to provide protection in relation to secondary functions such as safety or environment.