How do you run security cameras through soffit?

Can I drill through soffit?

You need to exercise care when drilling through aluminum soffit. The thin aluminum can easily tear if the drill bit catches an edge on the metal. These types of tears can be large and nearly impossible to fix, resulting in a piece of aluminum soffit becoming ruined.

How do you run wires through soffit?


  1. Remove the soffit in the place where the wires will pass through. …
  2. With the drill, make a hole in the wood that you’ll use to feed wires of the camera. …
  3. Make smaller holes [on the wood] for the camera’s mounting screws. …
  4. Grab the fishing rod and tape the start of the camera cable to one of the ends.

How can I run security cameras without an attic?

Find somewhere in the part of the house with an attic or crawlspace to terminate your cables. You could put the pc/nvr there too or just a PoE switch. Then you could run a single cable from there to your office or use something else like MoCa or HomePlug AV2.

How big should soffit vent holes be?

Each soffit vent should have between 8 and 10 holes drilled along the outer edges for screws to go. We recommend ½ inch stainless steel sheet metal screws for each vent.

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Is there wood under soffit?

It is commonly made in aluminum and vinyl, as well as fiber cement, wood, and steel. For this article, we’ll focus on soffit for its primary use — the roof overhang. … Also, soffit helps your building breathe.

What kind of wire is used for soffit?

Run a 14/2 non-metallic (NM) cable from the switch to the closest hole in the soffit. Keep in mind that you have to leave an extra ten inches or so of cable hanging out from every hole for the actual light wiring and installation.