How do you say caught me off guard?

What’s another way to say caught off guard?

What is another word for caught off guard?

caught unawares wrongfooted
caught off-guard crept up on
startled bushwhacked
captured come down on like a bolt from the blue
come down on come upon

What does it mean when someone says you caught them off guard?

to catch someone off guard: to surprise someone, to find someone unprepared. idiom. His question caught me off-guard. I was not expecting him to ask me anything!.

How do you catch someone off guard?

Caught Off Guard Meaning

Definition: To surprise someone by doing or saying something unexpected. The phrase to catch someone off guard means to surprise someone in a way he or she was not expecting.

Was caught off guard in a sentence?

Example sentences

— We were all caught off guard when the teacher told us we were having a pop quiz. — My mom was caught off guard when my 15 year old brother announced his girlfriend was pregnant. — You caught me off guard last night when you said you were moving to the West Coast. I’ll really miss you when you move.

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What does through me off mean?

to interrupt and confuse someone; to mislead someone. The interruption threw me off, and I lost my place in the speech.

What does throw me off mean?

Throw someone off – to interrupt and confuse someone; to mislead someone. Example usage – The interruption threw me off, and I lost my place in the speech. Example usage – Little noises throw me off. Please try to be quiet. Your comment threw me off.

What does aback mean?

1 archaic : backward, back. 2 : in a position to catch the wind upon the forward surface (as of a sail) 3 : by surprise : unawares was taken aback by her sharp retort. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About aback.

Should I be on my guard meaning?

C2. to be careful to avoid being tricked or getting into a dangerous situation: You always have to be on your guard against pickpockets. Paying attention and being careful.

What means guard down?

: to relax and stop being careful and alert.

What does caught me by surprise mean?

Definition of catch (someone or something) by surprise

1 : to happen to (someone or something) unexpectedly : to surprise (someone or something) The question caught him by surprise.

What is the definition for unprepared?

: not ready to deal with something : not prepared. See the full definition for unprepared in the English Language Learners Dictionary. unprepared. adjective. un·​pre·​pared | ˌən-pri-ˈperd

What does caught in the crossfire mean?

Crossfire is when weapons are being fired from different directions, crossing the same general area. Getting caught in crossfire during a shootout can be deadly. Crossfire is a situation that comes up when gangsters and police officers are shooting at each other, or in a war during a battle between enemies.

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What is caught red handed means?

: in the act of committing a crime or misdeed caught red-handed.