How many marine protected areas do we have worldwide?

The answer is not so clear. According to the U.N.’s World Database on Protected Areas, which records marine protected areas (MPAs) submitted by countries, more than 15,000 MPAs protect more than 27 million square kilometers (almost 10.6 million square miles) of ocean.

How much of the ocean is protected globally?

Pristine Seas

Even though the ocean covers approximately 70 percent of our planet, less than eight percent is protected. The mission of the Pristine Seas project, launched in 2008 by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala, is to explore and protect the ocean’s last wild places.

What countries have marine protected areas?

Marine protected areas (% of territorial waters) – Country Ranking

Rank Country Value
1 Slovenia 213.43
2 Monaco 99.83
3 New Caledonia 96.59
4 Palau 82.99

Which country has the largest non Marine Nature Reserve?

The Pitcairn Islands are some of the most remote on Earth. The surrounding waters contain intact deep-sea ecosystems, and their coral reefs harbor abundant sharks and large fishes. In March 2015 the U.K. government established the area as a no-take marine reserve—the largest single reserve in the world.

Are oceans protected?

At present only just over 2% of the world’s ocean is fully protected and so we need a step change in the designation and implementation of fully protected areas worldwide. The map below gives a snapshot of some of the inspiring initiatives already underway around the globe that need our support.

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How much of the world is protected?

This first goal has been met. The report calculated that 16.64 percent of land ecosystems were currently protected, and that the true number was likely higher than 17 percent, as not all data is currently available.

Why are marine areas protected?

Marine protected areas help protect important habitats and representative samples of marine life and can assist in restoring the productivity of the oceans and avoid further degradation. They are also sites for scientific study and can generate income through tourism and sustainable fishing.

How much of the ocean is protected by law?

The United States has currently protected 23 percent of its oceans, but more than 99 percent of that area is in the remote Pacific.

Can you fish in marine protected areas?

Fishing and the take of marine life such as shellfish or seaweed is allowed in about half of California’s marine protected areas. Each type or kind of marine protected area has different regulations; inside state marine parks, sport fishing is encouraged, but commercial fishing is prohibited.