Is safeguard body soap good for face?

Can you use safeguard body wash on your face?

At the very least, you should regularly clean your face and body to prevent excessive oil buildup and kill bacteria that can cause pimples. Use anti-bacterial face and body wash like Safeguard Derma Sense, Safeguard Pure White Body Wash, and Safeguard Floral Pink Body Wash.

Is Safeguard soap good for skin?

Many antibacterial body washes, such as Safeguard Pure White Body Wash, continue to protect your skin for hours after washing, to help the fight against illness and infection. In addition, they can help inhibit body odor that can result when germs naturally multiply on your skin.

What does body soap do to your face?

Soap bars imbalance your skin’s natural pH, causing dehydration. … Most skin types have a pH of 5.5. Soap’s pH ranges between 8-10, so this instantly strips the skin of moisture. It’s a fact that healthy skin thrives in moisture; your skin cells are like fish and need water to live.

Is Safeguard a gentle soap?

“Antibac power, gentle on skin, great scent, easy to lather & rinse, luxurious feel.” “It’s so gentle on the skin that it can be used for both the face and body, it removes 99.9% of germs and I like the fruity fragrance.”

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Is Safeguard soap any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Best antibacterial soap ever! I’ve used Safeguard for years; it is excellent. It can be drying on aging skin, so use it just where you need it!!! (I only use a moisturizing soap/cleanser on my face, back, arms and legs.)

Why you shouldn’t wash your face in the morning?

Unless you sleep in a full face of makeup and sunscreen (which we don’t… right?), all the rest of us dry, combination and sensitive skin humans are doing by cleansing in the morning is washing away the natural oils and moisture that keep our skin barrier nice and plump.