Quick Answer: Who makes F Secure?

F-Secure Corporation (formerly Data Fellows) is a global cyber security and privacy company with over 30 offices around the world and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Is F-Secure a good product?

In our own hands-on malware protection test, F-Secure detected 91% of the samples and earned 9.0 of 10 possible points. That’s a decent score, but others have done better against this same set of samples. … To the protection available at the antivirus level, the suite adds a browser extension that proved quite effective.

Is F-Secure bad?

Between these two techniques, F-Secure scored 88 percent protection, precisely the same as when last tested. That’s decent, but it’s far from the best. McAfee, Sophos, and Vipre all protected against 100 percent of harmful downloads in their latest tests, while Bitdefender and G Data managed 99 percent.

Is F-Secure publicly traded?

F-Secure’s has repurchased its own shares based on the authorizations of the Annual General Meeting. The shares are purchased through public trading on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki in accordance with its rules and at market price.

Is F-Secure malware?

F-Secure SAFE (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS): This option adds online banking security, web browsing protections, parental controls, a gaming mode to block pop-up windows and other interruptions, and a smartphone locator.

Is F-Secure better than Norton?

When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found F-Secure Endpoint Security easier to use. However, reviewers felt that Norton Antivirus is easier to set up. Both products were equally easy to administer, and both vendors make it equally easy to do business overall.

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Is F-Secure better than McAfee?

McAfee is a clear winner as it offers more security-enhancing features and extra utilities in its security suites than F-Secure. Also, independent tests show that McAfee is better than F-Secure in terms of both malware detection and system performance.

Is F-secure safe a VPN?

F‑Secure FREEDOME VPN is the best VPN service for safeguarding your privacy. F-Secure FREEDOME VPN has been made to protect your privacy on the net. It encrypts your traffic and conceals your actual IP address. In addition, it includes features which actively block trackers that follow you on the Internet.

Does F-Secure cost?

F-Secure also costs $39.99 per year, but that subscription lets you install it on three PCs, whereas most others offer one license for the same price.

Do I need Browsing Protection by F-Secure?

F-Secure Browsing Protection is an extension for web browsers that provides HTTPS protocol support for installed F-Secure security product. … The extension enables F-Secure block page support for unwanted web content, rating icons and SafeSearch mode for search engines when HTTPS is used.

What does F-Secure do?

SAFE secures your online life. Manage your subscription and add protection to your PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices easily through your My F‑Secure account. Our multi-layered security blocks viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other threats in real-time. … It activates automatic security measures to keep your money safe.