What are secured debentures Class 11?

Secured debenture creates a charge on the assets of the company, thereby mortgaging the assets of the company. Unsecured debenture does not carry any charge or security on the assets of the company.

What are secured debentures?

Secured debentures meaning: bonds that are issued with collateral. The party issuing the bond offers a piece of property or other assets to states and bondholders along with signed permission for those entities to take possession of the collateral if the issuer doesn’t repay the debt.

What is secured and unsecured debentures?

Secured debentures are secured by a charge upon some or all assets of the company. … Unsecured Debentures have no security for their repayment. They are not secured against any charge on the assets of the company. They are also called as naked debentures.

What is a convertible debenture class 11?

Convertible debentures are those debentures that can be converted into equity shares/preference shares/new debentures after the expiry of a specified period. Non-convertible debentures are those which cannot be converted into equity shares/preference shares/new debentures.

What is meant by debenture?

A debenture is a type of debt instrument that is not backed by any collateral and usually has a term greater than 10 years. Debentures are backed only by the creditworthiness and reputation of the issuer. Both corporations and governments frequently issue debentures to raise capital or funds.

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What is debenture example?

A debenture is a bond issued with no collateral. Instead, investors rely upon the general creditworthiness and reputation of the issuing entity to obtain a return of their investment plus interest income. … Examples of debentures are Treasury bonds and Treasury bills.

Are debentures safe?

Debentures are secured by the assets of the issuer. … Generally, they offer higher rates of interest than a debenture of the same maturity but lack the security of a debenture. Because this form of debt is unsecured, they have more risk than debentures and should therefore provide a higher rate of return.

Which is an example of a secured loan?

Examples of Secured Loans:

Mortgage – A mortgage is a loan to pay for a home. Your monthly mortgage payments will consist of the principal and interest, plus taxes and insurance. Home Equity Line of Credit – A home equity loan or line of credit (HELOC) allows you to borrow money using your home’s equity as collateral.

Why do companies use debentures?

The use of debentures can encourage long-term funding to grow a business. It is also cost-effective when compared with other forms of lending. Debentures usually provide a fixed rate of interest for the lender, and this has to be paid before any dividends are issued to shareholders.

What are the disadvantages of debentures?

Disadvantages of Debentures

  • Debentures are not suitable for all Companies. It is not suitable for companies with fluctuating income and companies producing goods, which have an elastic demand.
  • Permanent Burden. …
  • Requires huge Fixed Assets. …
  • No Voting Rights. …
  • Difficulty in Repayment. …
  • Affecting the capacity to raise Loans.
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Can irredeemable debentures issue India?

Can a company issue irredeemable/ perpetual debenture? … Hence, from the above provisions, it can be interpreted that a company can not issue secured irredeemable debentures, simply because of the reason that in case of irredeemable debentures – the date of redemption is not fixed at all.