What happened loyalist Death Guard?

What happened to the Death Guard loyalist who was working on the cure for Nurgles Rot? He died. Meric Voyen was killed by Nathaniel Garro after becoming infected by Nurgle’s Rot. He wasn’t killed.

What happened to the loyalist Space Marines from traitor legions?

By the time the Heresy rolled around, there likely just weren’t that many ‘unknowing’ or ‘loyal’ members of the Traitor Legions left. So! In summation: they‘re either dead, imprisoned forever, or have stripped themselves of allegiances and been quietly repatriated into Second Founding Chapters.

What happened to Garro?

During this battle, Garro was wounded by the enemy leader and lost most of his right leg, necessitating an augmetic replacement. The wound might have killed him, especially when his own company’s Apothecary, Meric Voyen, was too far away, but Garro’s life was saved by Apothecary Fabius of the Emperor’s Children.

Did any of the traitor legions stay loyal?

There were extremely few loyalists left. Every Traitor Legion had been secretly purging their ‘loyal’ brothers for years, giving them the most dangerous assignments, failing to send them supplies, or just flat-out murdering them.

Did any night lords stay loyal?

Kasati Nuon was a member of the Night Lords Legion, who defied his Battle Brothers and his Primarch by staying loyal to the Imperium, during the Horus Heresy.

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Can Death Guard summon demons?

But yes, your deathguard character could summon any NURGLE demon with the demonic ritual rule – which is any NURGLE demon from the Chaos Daemon codex.

Can Death Guard summon?

You can also go the other way and summon in some of the Death Guard’s units (Possessed, daemon engines….