What is the main purpose of personnel security?

The objective of the Personnel Security Program is to make a reasonable determination that individuals granted access to classified information or assigned to sensitive positions are and will remain loyal, trustworthy, and reliable.

What is the purpose of personnel security?

Personnel security protects your people, information, and assets by enabling your organisation to: reduce the risk of harm to your people, customers and partners. reduce the risk of your information or assets being lost, damaged, or compromised.

What are the 2 purpose of personnel security?

The goal of the PSP is to ensure the protection of national security. Two key aspects of the PSP – providing access to classified information and ensuring the protection of national security. Unauthorized disclosure of classified or sensitive information can cause significant harm to national security.

What are personnel security measures and what are their purpose?

Personnel security is a set of measures to manage the risk of an employee exploiting their legitimate access to an organisation’s facilities, assets, systems or people for illicit gain, or to cause harm.

What is the meaning of personnel security?

personnel security means the procedures which have been laid down for screening candidacies of the persons applying for authorisations to handle or familiarise with classified information or for security clearances and which allow to decide whether a person may be entrusted with classified information as well as the …

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How can you minimize the risk to personnel security?

Minimise risk with robust recruitment processes

Employing or contracting the right person in the right role is the best way to minimise risk. You should: understand the personnel security risks associated with each role. make your pre-employment/pre-engagement checks appropriate to the risk level of the role.

What is effective personal security?

The aim of Effective personal security ensures that all individuals stay in a safe and secure environment. The effects of effective personal security bring about; 1. Secured lives: Secure means being protected or free from danger.

What is difference between security guard and security officer?

While security guards have limited responsibilities, security officers operate in a more managerial role as they are in charge of the overall security operation. They are responsible for the smooth running of security at a location, often managing and training security guards.