What kind of ink is in security tags?

The ink is usually black or ink-pen blue, so really this should be used on dark garments. If it is light or white, take the time to go to the store and have it removed there. Does the magnet method work on ink tags? If the ink tag requires a magnet to open it at the register, it should work.

What kind of security tag has ink?

Benefit denial tags see the stolen merchandise negatively impacted when the thief tries to remove the tag. The most common form is ink dye tags which release indelible ink when the tag is tampered with, effectively rendering the stolen item useless.

Is the ink in security tags toxic?

To remove the tags, sales clerks must use specially designed tools and keys. Most models of the exploding ink tags contain two or four tiny, pressurized vials of indelible, ecologically safe, non-toxic dye that is released when the tag is forced or broken.

Is there a way to remove ink security tags?

An alternative: Place the ink cartridge, which is on the opposite side of the pin, face down. Slip the rubber band around the pin. Hold the larger part of the tag with one hand. Pull the pin off with the other hand.

What happens if you pull off a security tag?

If you take the security tag off the jacket and leave the store with it, on top of being charged with removal of the device, you could also be prosecuted for theft. The charges for this offense range from a simple misdemeanor to a class “C” felony.

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Does security tag ink wash out?

Security ink is permanent, which makes it difficult to get out of clothes. According to the Iowa State County Extension Office, treat the stain immediately and blot it rather than rubbing, which will only spread the mess.