When should you use secure print?

Why should caution be used when printing documents?

When a printing job is sent to a printer, it immediately prints out and remains sitting in the tray until someone picks it up. Because of this, personally identifiable information can circulate around your office. This poses a severe information security risk.

What is secure print mode?

Overview and Guide for Windows 10 Users. Employees are asked to use secure print mode when printing documents with confidential information such as personal information, where possible. Secure printing sends the print job to the printer, but does not immediately print it.

How do I print a secure printer?

Select the Secure Print Tab, Locate and Select your user name in the list. Enter your Secure Print Passcode using the number pad on the copier console. Select OK on the touchscreen Your list of print jobs will be displayed. Select Release All to print all held jobs.

How do I send a secure print job?

Send a Secure Print Job

  1. Change the Job Type to Secure Print…
  2. Enter in your personal Passcode. This Passcode is created by you and is used to retrieve the Secure Print job from the printer.
  3. Confirm your Passcode.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click OK or Print to send the Secure Print Job to the printer.
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What is the main goal of security printing?

The main goal of security printing is to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting.

How do you stop photocopying documents?

Deterring Unauthorized Copying

  1. Printing a concealed security watermark (Copy Protect)
  2. Printing a stamp on the entire page (Stamp Repeat)
  3. Adding copy restriction information (Copy Guard)
  4. Adding a password (Password Copy)
  5. Configuring the print settings for Copy Security.

How do I secure my Canon printer?

How to Use Secure Print on Windows

  1. Navigate to print a document.
  2. Once the print dialog box opens, select the printer you would like to use.
  3. Click “Preferences” or “Properties”
  4. In the Output Method dropdown, select “Secured Print”
  5. Click “Yes” in the pop-up menu if you want to use the same user name and PIN every time.

How do I enable secure print on my HP printer?

Secure Printing on HP Printers

  1. At your computer, when ready to print click ‘File’ and ‘Print’.
  2. Select the printer you want.
  3. Select ‘Printer Properties’
  4. Select the ‘Job Storage’ tab.
  5. Select ‘Personal Job’.
  6. Change the ‘Make Job Private/Secure’ setting from ‘none’ to ‘PIN to print’.
  7. Enter a four-digit PIN of your choosing.