Which are traditional protected areas?

Which is traditional protected areas?

In India, there are four categories of Protected areas constituted under the provisions of Wildlife ( Protection) ACT, 1972. These are: National Parks. Wildlife Sanctuaries.

What are protected areas examples?

Conservation areas

  • Annapurna Conservation Area – 7,629 km2 (2,946 sq mi)
  • Kanchenjunga Conservation Area – 2,035 km2 (786 sq mi)
  • Manaslu Conservation Area – 1,663 km2 (642 sq mi)
  • Blackbuck Conservation Area – 15.95 km2 (6.16 sq mi)
  • Api Nampa Conservation Area – 1,903 km2 (735 sq mi)

How many types of protected areas are there?

There are 4 categories of the Protected Areas viz, National Parks, Sanctuaries, Conservation Reserves and Community Reserves. Sanctuary is an area which is of adequate ecological, faunal, floral, geomorphological, natural or zoological significance.

Why protected areas are important?

Protected areas (PAs) have been established for a level of protection of ecosystems, biological processes and species. … PAs such as national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas represent today one of the most important methods of conserving biological diversity worldwide.

Why is it important to protect natural areas?

Protected areas help to mitigate extreme weather events, enhance carbon storage, and provide space for plants and animals to adapt to a changing climate. 4. To maintain functioning ecosystems and the benefits they provide. Protected areas provide clean air and water, healthy soils, wild foods and medicines.

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What are government protected areas?

Protected area establishment and management

A protected area is a clearly defined geographical space, recognised, dedicated and managed through legal or other effective means to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values.

What are protected areas Class 8?

They are protected areas intended to provide a natural habitat with all natural resources to the animals where they can freely roam and use the habitat. These areas are extended and diverse enough to protect the entire ecosystem including the flora, fauna, historic objects and the natural landscapes.

Which one is protected in national park?

National park is a reserved area used for conservation purposes. It is maintained by government. Cultivation, grazing forestry and habitat manipulation are not allowed. Protection is provided to the entire ecosystem.

What is a protected area describe the protected areas of India for wildlife?

Protected Area (PA) has been defined in the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. Section 2(24A) says: “Protected Area” means a National Park, Sanctuary, Conservation / Community Reserve. These are notified under Chapter IV titled “Protected Areas”.