Who are the rivals of the Death Guard?

Death Guard dont really have a faction thats a direct rival for them. They are however in some current conflicts and have a disdain for a few others: Tzeentch affiliated warbands or legions (thousand sons). Nurgle is opposed to Tzeentch and the Death Guard have taken on this hatred.

How did the Death Guard fall to Nurgle?

Fall of the Death Guard

When the Death Guard’s fleet embarked for Terra Typhon made his move. … Then came the Destroyer Plague and the Death Guard were struck down, but Typhon received his reward from “Grandfather Nurgle” and he absorbed the full power of the plague from Ignatius Grulgor.

Are the Death Guard good?

Long-Range Firepower. Death Guard have lots of great mid-range shooting and the ability to maintain double shots on rapid fire bolt weapons while on the move (so long as you don’t Advance), but lack a lot of heavy weapons and long-range firepower in their Codex.

Is Mortarion a nurgle daemon?

Mortarion has the Nurgle and Daemon keywords, meaning he’s eligible to benefit from supporting abilities from other Daemons of Nurgle.

Are all death Guard Plague Marines?

Plague Marines make up the majority of the Death Guard Traitor Legion of Chaos Space Marines, but not all Plague Marines are members of the Death Guard; any Chaos Space Marine or Renegade Space Marine who dedicates himself to the Plague Lord Nurgle may become a Plague Marine.

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Can Death Guard summon demons?

But yes, your deathguard character could summon any NURGLE demon with the demonic ritual rule – which is any NURGLE demon from the Chaos Daemon codex.

Can Death Guard summon?

You can also go the other way and summon in some of the Death Guard’s units (Possessed, daemon engines….

Can Death Guard take daemons?

Subject: Re:Death Guard & Daemon army…can you mix them? 4.5. Yes. this still works as the stratagems effect Daemons, since you have the Daemons in either keywords then you can use the stratagem.

Why do Plague Marines come in 7?

Naturally, the Plague Marines come in a 7-man squad – in honour of the sacred number of Nurgle – but both the Easy to Build Plague Marines and the Plague Brethren set are perfect for bringing the squad up to an even 10. …

When did Death Guard get their own Codex?

8th Edition

Codex ISBN Release Date
Blood Angels ISBN 978-1788260503 December 2017
Chaos Space Marines ISBN 978-1785819384 August 2017
Dark Angels ISBN 978-1788260558 December 2017
Death Guard ISBN 978-1788260053 September 2017

How many Poxwalkers should I have?

Subject: how many poxwalkers do i need? Start with 3 units of 10. Then play them and see how it goes. 3 units of 10 is the minimum you need for 3 troop units in a Batallion.