Your question: Why do consumers need protection from exploitation?

Why do customers need protection from exploitation?

The law gives customers protection against unfair selling practices. You do not need to know specific Acts but you do need to understand how fair trading regulations protect consumers. given a misleading description.

What is protection and why consumer need protection?

There are many types of products, that are unsafe for the consumers and can be dangerous to health and welfare, like acids. Consumers need protection from these kinds of products. This act limits the selling of products that are hazardous for consumers so that the physical safety of consumers is ensured.

What is the protection of consumer from exploitation?

Means right to seek redressal against unfair trade practices or unscrupulous exploitation of consumers. It also includes right to fair settlement of the genuine grievances of the consumer.

What are the 8 basic rights of consumers?

Consumer Rights Vs Responsibilities

Sl.No Rights
1 Right to be heard
2 Right to Redress
3 Right to Safety
4 Right to Consumer Education/ Right to be Informed

What are the important terms of consumer protection act?

Under the Act of 2019, a Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) was established with a view to regulate matters involving violation of consumer rights, misleading or false advertisements, unfair trade practices and enforcement of consumer rights. The Central Government will appoint the members of the CCPA.

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What are the ways to protect consumers?

What are the ways and means of Consumer Protection?

  • Lok Adalat. …
  • Public Interest Litigation (PIL) …
  • Redressal Forums and Consumer Protection Councils. …
  • Awareness Programme. …
  • Legislative Measures. …
  • Consumer Protection Act, 1986. …
  • Goods and Services Covered Under CPA, 1986.

What is the need for consumer protection in one word?

Consumer protection means protection and safeguarding the buyers of goods and services from any unfair practices by the seller . Consumer protection is necessary in order to educate the consumer about their rights,responsibilities and also redressing their grievances.

What are the factors causing exploitation of consumers?

Factors which cause exploitation of consumers are:

  • Lack of awareness of consumer rights among buyers.
  • Improper and inadequate monitoring of rules and regulations.
  • Individual purchase quantity is quite small.
  • Consumers are scattered over large areas.
  • Lack of awareness among consumers.
  • Greed of businessperson.

What is consumer exploitation explain in detail?

Introduction Consumer exploitation refers to taking undue advantage of consumers or a group of consumers by the sellers for their own benefit or purpose. … The other reasons for consumer exploitation are ignorance, superstitions, social factors, shortage of goods and service, etc.