How do you protect inputs in Excel?

How do I protect a worksheet in Excel but allow input?

Bring up the Format Cells popup window again (Ctrl+Shift+F). This time, on the Protection tab, check the Locked box and then click OK. On the Review tab, click Protect Sheet. In the Allow all users of this worksheet to list, choose the elements that you want users to be able to change.

How do you lock a cell once data is entered?

Automatically Lock Cells After Data Entry

  1. To do this select all cells (click in an empty cell and use the shortcut CTRL A to achieve this)
  2. Open the Format Cells dialog (CTRL 1 will achieve this). On the Protection tab untick the Locked property. Click OK.

How do I prevent data from entering a cell in Excel?

Prevent data entry into specific cells by protecting the worksheet

  1. Click the button at the top left corner of worksheet to select all cells. …
  2. In the Format Cells dialog box, go to the Protection tab, uncheck the Locked box, and then click the OK button.

How do you hide formulas in Excel without protecting sheet?

1 Answer. Select the whole sheet, right click and then select Format Cells… . In the popup window, select Protection tab. Unselect both options and press OK button.

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How do I stop Excel from changing cell format automatically?

To tell Excel to stop applying this particular type of formatting to your workbook, click Stop.

Set all automatic formatting options at once

  1. Click File > Options.
  2. In the Excel Options box, click Proofing > AutoCorrect Options.
  3. On the AutoFormat As You Type tab, check the boxes for the auto formatting you want to use.

How do I protect cells in Excel 2010 without protecting the sheet?

Betreff: Lock cell without protecting worksheet

  1. Start Excel.
  2. Switch to the “Check” tab and select “Remove sheet protection”. …
  3. Select all cells by clicking in the top left corner of the table.
  4. In the “Start” tab, select “Format> Format cells> Protection” and uncheck “Locked”.

How do you automate data entry in Excel?

Click “Data Validation” on the Data tab and click “Data Validation.” Choose “List” in the Allow box. Type your list items into the Source box with a comma between each item. Click “OK” to add the list. Use the Fill Handle if you want to copy the list down the column.