What is the result of performing a reset operation on a deep security agent?

Through this command, the Deep Security Agent’s configuration (e.g. certificate, configrate, local SQLite DB) will be cleared and re-created. After the reset action, Deep Security Manager (DSM) will treat this agent as a new machine. The reset action will have no network impact or OS impact.

How do I reset my deep security agent?

In rare circumstances, it may fail to reset a Deep Security Agent (DSA) using either of the following methods:

  1. Deactivate the DSA on the Deep Security Manager (DSM) console.
  2. Run “dsa_control -r, /r, –reset” on the command line.

What is the purpose of the Deep Security Agent?

Deep Security Agent is a security agent deployed directly on a computer which provides application control, anti-malware, web reputation service, firewall, intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring, and log inspection protection to computers on which it is installed.

How do I stop being a deep security agent?

To start or stop the agent on Windows:

  1. Stop: from the command line, run the following: sc stop ds_agent.
  2. Start: from the command line, run the following: sc start ds_agent.
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How do I manually activate Deep Security Agent?

Go to Computers, right-click the computer whose agent you want to activate or reactivate and select Actions > Activate/Reactivate. (Alternatively, click Activate or Reactivate in the computer’s Details window.) <port> is replaced with the Deep Security Manager heartbeat port, which is 4120, by default.

How do I stop OfficeScan services?

Click Start > Run and type “services.

Disable Protect OfficeScan client services.

  1. Log into the OfficeScan web console.
  2. For OfficeScan 10.6, go to Networked Computers > Settings > Privileges and Other Settings > Other Settings > Client Self-protection.

How do I find deep security agent in Linux?

You can use the command line option to perform the following actions on a Deep Security Agent running on Linux: start. display status. stop.

Run the following on the command line:

  1. To start: /etc/init. d/ds_agent start.
  2. To display status: /etc/init. …
  3. To stop: /etc/init. …
  4. To reset: /etc/init. …
  5. To restart: /etc/init.

How does deep security work?

Deep Security leverages proven security controls, like IPS and application control deployed on the server, to enable context-based, high-performance proactive protection across the hybrid cloud. Shields servers from vulnerabilities.

What is Trendmicro deep security?

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ can automatically protect new and existing workloads against even unknown threats with techniques like machine learning and virtual patching. A full range of security capabilities in a single smart agent. Protection against vulnerabilities and for end-of-life systems.

What is deep security enterprise?

Deep Security provides advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers. It protects enterprise applications and data from breaches and business disruptions without requiring emergency patching.

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How do I check my Deep Security Agent version?

To check the agent version and module configuration on a Linux machine, use the following commands:

  1. Agent Version. – rpm -qa ds_agent. For Example: $ rpm -qa ds_agent. ds_agent-20.0.0-877.el6.i686. …
  2. Module Configuration. – /opt/ds_agent/sendCommand –get GetConfiguration | grep “Feature ” Where: 1 – On. 2 – Off.

What is Ds_am process?

ds_am (Anti-malware scan process)2.

How do I install a Deep Security Agent?

Install an Ubuntu or Debian agent

  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Download Center.
  2. Import the agent package into Deep Security Manager.
  3. , and then export the installer (. deb file).
  4. Copy the installer file to the computer.
  5. Install the agent. sudo dpkg -i <installer file>

How do I uninstall Deep Security manually?

Uninstall Deep Security Agent

Deactivate the agent using the Deep Security Manager by going to the Computers page, right-clicking the computer and selecting Actions > Deactivate. Go to the Control Panel and select Uninstall a program. Look for the Trend Micro Deep Security Agent and then select Uninstall.